Welcome to my collection of things written. It's grown into a sizeable gathering of curious and suspect characters - making mischief, and hopefully, some amusement as well.

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Marjorie Humboldt: A Revelation In Several Parts

In the wake of a significant loss, an unexpected inheritance brings more with it than Marjorie had bargained for...

Note: I'm posting this one in parts - and it's taking a while between those parts.

The Matter With Primes

In this glimpse into the future, we find that interpersonal communication is not much aided by technological advances...

This piece was posted in the The Royal Academy of the Bards Halloween invitational. (25 pages)

Elevated Interlude

Liza's morning had been a flat-out disaster. She'd never experienced anything quite like the string of outrageous events that had happened to her on her way to work. She didn't think a day could get any more absurd... and then she met Nan. (23 pages)

Passing Redemption

Her mother had warned her about walking that deserted stretch of highway between town and their place. She was about to find out, exactly, what kind of trouble a girl could get herself into.

I entered this story in the Pulp Fiction Bard's Challenge (click here to see the other entries!) with the challenge title Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill, Kill (Sex and violence had become her world). It won the challenge - so thanks to any of y'all who voted for it! (24 pages)

Letter Home

An ongoing correspondence. (9 pages)

The Hapless Romantic

What are a few bullets between friends? Meeting the perfect woman in imperfect circumstances can sometimes prove challenging to a relationship. (18 pages)

Xenalicious' review

And now, for something completely different... kinda.

This is a selection of Xena: Warrior Princess fanfiction, Uber and otherwise, that are kinda quirky and I hope fun (I had fun writing them, so I hope you at least get a chuckle out of it).

Query: What is fanfiction?
Answer: Fiction written by fans of a television show, movie or book, that's based on that content. Sometimes, it's closely related to existing plotlines, sometimes it's loosly based on a thread in a plotline and sometimes - it's got barely anything whatsoever to do with the content at all - hence the Uber genre.

Query: Do I have to have seen or liked the show to enjoy fanfiction?
Answer: In the case of Uber, no, not neccesarily. In general, it wouldn't hurt.

Cooking on High

This is an Uber offering.

A notorious chef is going through a difficult life transition. Things were complicated enough before she was accused of murdering a woman she barely knew. And they're complicated further by a waitress she can't shake, who may be after more than her secret recipes.

Join our uber gals on a race through a small tourist town as they hunt down a killer while being chased by a posse of bad guys. (200+ pages) (Conclusion: 06/07/01)

Hey, Cooking On High got an award from the Lair of the Web Wizards! For outstanding fiction - too cool. Click here to see it. Click here to visit the Web Wizard site.

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Or you could view the review on CasaUber (my favorite Mel and Janice repository) - click here.

It's a Beautiful Life: or... How Xena Got Her Groove Back

She's b-a-a-a-c-k! A postFIN bit o' fanfic. Xena returns to a world and a bard that are greatly changed. She encounters several impediments to picking up where she and Gabrielle left off - chief among them, Gabrielle's sword and sais at her neck. Life, it seems to Xena, just gets more interesting all of the time. (60 pages)

Blurb review: click here and scroll down to "Brulee"

Return of the Headless Warrior

A not-so-spooky Xena tale for the Academy of the Bard's "Twilight Zone" invitational. (10 pages)

Maleficent Beauty

A Conqueror/Sleeping Beauty crossover... a Xenaverse fairy tale. (28 pages)

Lunacy's review

A Royal Burden

A Mel and Janice/Star Wars crossover. Don't believe me? You should know better by now. (6 pages)

Blurb review, click here.

It Happened One Night

A completely self-indulgent piece. (9 pages)

Ms. Communication

A long day, a quiet night - a misunderstanding. (4 pages)