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April 2004

Brulee to Ume (with some vehemence): We're going out to buy underwear.

Ume: Why?

Brulee: Because I'm tired of not having a pen when I need one.

Ume: What do pens have to do with underwear?

Brulee (car keys in hand): Everything. Let's go.

Ume (waiting for the explanation)

Brulee: I hate not having pens! You know that!

Ume (waiting for further explanation)

Brulee (standing at the door): When I can't find a pen readily, I go out and buy several.

Ume: You know where the underwear is, it's in the laundry.

Brulee: Not enough of it. There's a periodic rate of underwear, ever notice that? You have a clean pile of underwear; very nice, quite tidy. But over time, the pile diminishes and there's more often than not, underwear in the laundry and not in your underwear drawer where it belongs. Our periodic rate is getting low. It's making me anxious. So off we go.

Ume: I'm not going shopping, because you've dreamed up a periodic rate for your underpants. You want more underpants, you go get more underpants. Leave me out of it.

Brulee (eyes narrowed): You're fooling no one but yourself if you think that after this many years together, my underpants aren't your underpants. [Therapists list this among the many fusion issues that lesbian couples struggle with.] Which means that your periodic rate of underpants is low too. So let's go.

Ume (giving in to the inevitable force of her partner's argument): This is nothing but sad. You realize that, don't you?

Brulee: It could be worse.

Ume (following Brulee out the door): How?

Brulee: I could have come up with a periodic rate for girlfriends.

Ume (swats Brulee on the ass): And you'd find the periodic rate of your underpants the very least of your problems.

Caught the last few episodes of "The L Word"...

Someone, or ones, need(s) their artistic license(s) suspended. During the suspension, they ought to study a basic principle of artistic responsibility - "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

Artistic grace under pressure, that finale was not. I wish them better luck in the next season. Maybe, with a little rest, they'll be fresh and ready to give it another go. We're rooting for 'em, we really are.

"A determination to accomplish, not just discuss, things..."

The gist of a Polish citizen's comments, differentiating the US from "old Europe".

Midnight tonight, the European Union grows... from 15 to 25 members.


In the news...

Abuse Of Iraqi Prisoners Probed (CBS News, 04.28.04): click here

Bush, Cheney Answer 9/11 Questions for Over 3 Hours by Steve Holland (Reuters, 04.29.04): click here

Excerpt: The president had only agreed to meet the commission under pressure from victims' families and the panel, and only on condition he have Cheney at his side and they meet in private, with no recording of the session. They were not under oath.

Pulp Fictions Triumph over Truth by Sidney Blumenthal (Guardian/UK, 04.29.04): click here

Her Beautiful Mind by Joyce Marcel (04.29.04): click here

Be nice if they had a clue how to fix it:
What Went Wrong? by Paul Krugman (New York Times, 04.23.04): click here

"In America, anybody can be president. That's one of the risks you take. " -- Adlai Stevenson

The Republicans are ecstatic this week because Bush's poll numbers are holding steady. They figure, given the last month of damning revelations from administration insiders, exposed lies, Iraq straining at the seams and obviously a horrific mess of their making, Israeli policy nonexistent and dictated by extremists (because Bush dropped the ball, due to the fact he didn't know he was supposed to run with it - it's called l-e-a-d-e-r-s-h-i-p, George) - well, if 50% of people polled think he's doing an okay job now - Republicans have got little to worry about in terms of people waking up and firing his incompetent, frat-boy ass. 'Cuz, gosh darn it, he's such a nice guy. Shoot, anyone can see it's those pesky, homo-lovin' elitists what are the real problem.

This reminds me... for no particular reason... of the story that came out of the Texas race for govenor several years back. Apparently, the campaign staff for the encumbent, Ann Richards, invented a race; you had to drive across the state of Texas with a bumpersticker on your car that read, "I'm the queer, that Ann sent here, to take your gun away." If you survived the trip, you won.

Richards lost that race for govenor - to George Bush.

This old Molly Ivans article mentions the tale: The Scoop on George Bush by Molly Ivans: click here

Here's a wicked-cool place to visit if you're in the vicinity of Salem, MA - Yin Yu Tang House at the Peabody Essex Museum. The website's not half bad either: click here

"Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train."

Who said that? I'm feeling too lazy to look it up. In any case, it's a fair description of my recent happenstance.

It's not turning out to be an easy going kind of spring. So I'm thankful for the warmer weather and the mitigating effect it has on the larger picture.

Seeing the flowers opening here and there, the crocuses, the forsythia - is quite nice, almost cheering.

And there's that thing that happens to skin... I don't think I'd be able to live in a temperate climate if skin felt this way all the time. Soft is not an appropriate descriptor... I suppose you could get used to it, but somehow I think I'd be way too distracted to hold down a job.

As it is, even our short spring is challenge enough - I have to mentally slap myself about eighty times a morning to leave Ume alone so that we can get something other than each other accomplished. Very bruised, in a mental sort of way, am I - from the repeated slapping.

Speaking of PMS... I had chocolate melted on french bread for lunch. It's one of the only things that I don't mind eating on the first day of my period, chocolate melted on Italian bread is the other. Ume doesn't understand my menstrual diet, but she's not prone to get overly analytical about my more mysterious doings as they amuse her and she likes me for nothing so much as my quirky, yet amusing behaviors. Me, I'm not at all mystified by why it is that when my internal doings are unreasonably discomfortable all I want to eat, if anything, is chocolate. That's, like, textbook female. (The french bread is simply an additional carb-based vehicle for the chocolate.)

Have I mentioned that the pigeons are back?

For the hell of it...

I feel like a million tonight -- but one at a time.
-- Mae West

To err is human -- but it feels divine.
-- Mae West

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.
-- Mae West

I'm saving the bass player for Omaha.
-- Janis Joplin

As she lay there dozing next to me, one voice inside my head kept saying, "Relax... you are not the first doctor to sleep with one of his patients," but another kept reminding me, "Howard, you are a veterinarian."
-- Dick Wilson

Sex between a man and a woman can be wonderful -- provided you get between the right man and the right woman.
-- Woody Allen

Love is the answer; but while you're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.
-- Woody Allen

I was asked if my first sexual experience was homosexual or heterosexual. I said I was too polite to ask.
-- Gore Vidal

One more drink and I'll be under the host.
-- Dorothy Parker

Tell him I've been too fucking busy -- or vice versa.
-- Dorothy Parker, when asked why she had not delivered her copy on time

For these and some other jolly quotes on sex - click here

In case you were a same-sex couple wondering... How To Get Married In Massachusetts?: click here

They lay out all of the gory detail so that you too will be ready, blood test in hand, to tie one on - I mean, tie the knot, after May 17th.

'Course there's a chance that after 2006, any marriage will be null and voided into a civil union if that nasty legislation passes... But hell, you can throw a killer party in the meanwhile, yes?

HA! Your time to stop the marriages is running way low Mitt Romney! What dastardly plan are you hatching inside the govenor's mansion? We can only guess. Must suck to be a mormon minister (I read this on a sign at the rally in front of the state house so it must be true...) and have to preside over this much fun. Tick, tick, tick.

I bet he's going to get all same-sex couples that file taxes jointly, audited. Sounds sufficiently petty.

There's a group that's trying to remove the judges that voted that marriages were supported by the constitution... Sigh. Happily, they appear to be a very small band of the least articulate extremists I've seen in a while - and that's saying something.

Things in the news:

Ooh! Ooh! Lookie!!! This is sooo cool. The Christian right is going to have a shit fit! They'll make this illegal so fast there'll be a tornado as a result of all the legislators rushing around Capital Hill:
Fatherless Mice Created Without Sperm by By Patricia Reaney (Reuters, 04.04): click here

"Until we fully understand the role and regulation of imprinted genes in development, it seems that the participation of the father in reproduction will remain necessary," David Loebel and Patrick Tam, of the University of Sydney in Australia, said in a commentary in the journal.

Hope Amidst a Backslide in Women's Rights by Carol Norris (04.19.04): click here

For info on the April 25th, March for Women's Lives in DC, visit: http://www.marchforwomen.org/index.php

Fingers crossed...:
Jobless claims drop by 9,000 (Christian Science Monitor, 04.22.04): click here

Iraqi militants raise pitch of attacks by Peter Grier and Faye Bowers (Christian Science Monitor, 04.22.04): click here

US turns to old foes to secure Iraq by Scott Peterson (Christian Science Monitor, 04.21.04): click here

Awfully big of them...:
Saudis Say Won't Use Oil to Influence U.S. Election by Adam Entous and Tom Doggett (Reuters, 04.19.04): click here

Check out the last couple of lines of this article...
Bush Began Iraq War Planning Months After 9/11 by Caren Bohan (Reuters, 04.17.04):click here

We're thinking of starting a charity for the actress Karina Lombard who plays Marina on "The L Word". We know it must be a real handicap to have to go through life looking like this.

And we want to help.

Just think about how awful it must be to have people treat you so differently, based on your looks alone - no one seeing you for the beautiful person, that deep down inside, you really are. Must be tough to have to face that kind of discrimination, day in and out. It's nothing I can identify with personally, but I know it must be hard for her and I'd like to do what I can. And so, being the big-hearted kind of folks we are here at the Buffet, and knowing how very warm-hearted the lesbian community is, we're sending around a collection plate for this poor actress.

Note: Found a site that's got more images of this woman than you could possibly look at in a day - if you were so inclined. Though I do feel conflicted about linking to a site that's exploiting this woman's suffering... click here.

You kin forget what I said about "Wonderfalls", the tv show, it's been cancelled. Too bad, it had some clever moments.

It's rainy, but warm! It's warm! Warm! Have I mentioned that it's finally - WARM!!!

Ran into what I believe may have been the most boring combination of people I've ever encountered. That's got to be some kind of bad karmic thingy - I was paying for past no-no's and whatnot.

This experience was like a bad party moment, where everyone has run out of the one thing they could think of to say and you find yourself standing in awkward silence. Only, this is the greater Boston area, so folks are way too cool for awkward silence, so they try to feign indifference to your company in the hopes that you think they're too cool to be seen with you, instead of figuring out that they're simply conversationally impaired (and raised poorly).

This sort of awkward silence thing is usually remedied by asking folks something about themselves. Even the folks who'd rather behave like you're the last person on earth they'd want to entertain if they had a choice, find themselves, as the center of attention, difficult to resist <gak>. It's sometimes fun to see how long such a conversation can go on before they realize that you're there in it with them. I wasn't in the mood to explore this group's narcissism and gave up after several attempts at conversation were met with cool indifference (read: inability to express interest in topics other than themselves). I decided that whatever was stuck between my back molars was way more fascinating, and paid that more attention until I was able to extract myself from the dull company and procure some dental floss. One likes to think that everyone, given the chance, can be interesting.

I'm sure it was just my mood. They're probably fascinating people, really engaging - when their heads aren't lodged quite so firmly up their asses. Whenever that may be...

Not everyone I've been running into has had this problem though, so it might not just be me, not entirely anyway...

Take the woman in the restaurant where I had lunch yesterday. There she was, minding her own business, doing her job, and I asked her what she recommended on the menu. She shrugged.

"How about the burritos?" I asked. "Do you like them?"

She shook her head, "I don't like the burros too much."

"No? What then?"

She said something that I couldn't follow. She had a Mexican accent and spoke quietly.

"Okay," I said. "Say you were going to have a burro," I'd got the quiet hint - burros, not burritos, "would you have it with beef or chicken?"

"The chicken is popular," she hedged. Did she think I was born yesterday?!

"Yes, but which do you like?"

"I like the pork, it's very good."

"I'll have the chicken. I'm not big on pork."

She nodded and began to put it together. Me, I was feelin' chatty and didn't want her to think I disrespected her preference or the trouble she went to to share it, so I said, "I like pork barbeque, pulled pork. It's got a lot of flavor when..."

"You like barbeque? Pork barbeque?" she asked, and she asked it in a way that was serious and like she might have something she wanted to communicate that was beyond her english skills and nowhere near my spanish comprehension.

"Yes." I said, "Barbeque." And I knew we were on the same wavelength, because I put emphasis on the word and she nodded her head. There are folks what understand that emphasis (not to stereotype, but they tend to be southern) and those what don't.

"I think you'll like this. Would you like to try it?" she asked with a certain sparkle in her eye - a dare, perhaps?

"Very much," I smiled.

And I was way pleased I did!

"We cook it for four hours," she explained.

"It's excellent," I said and had the pork and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now there was one totally cool lady. And even though she'd probably prefer this pesky anglo would leave her alone - I'll be back.

The news has been horrible - chaos and bloodshed - and that tape.

It doesn't look like it's going to get better anytime soon. We're wishing everyone over in Iraq a big fat dose of safety.

Romney seeks authority to delay same-sex marriage: Legislature poised to reject governor’s bill by Raphael Lewis, (Boston Globe 04.16.04): click here

How the "NewsHour" Changed History by Norman Solomon (04.15.04): click here

Speaking of...:
Check out the NewsHour's weekly political wrap for April 16: click here

You know which way I was dissecting:
So how did the president do?: Dissecting a rare Bush press conference depends on who holds the scalpel by Jim Bencivenga (Christian Science Monitor, 04.14.04): click here

I doubt it, but this was an amazing moment:
Rice's Electoral Future Vanishes in the Fog by John Nichols (Capital Times, 04.13.04): click here

The liberal jury's in on Rice's testimony:
Facts Don't Fit in Rice's Picture by Thomas Oliphant (Boston Globe, 04.11.04): click here

Sick. Ain't it?:
A Justice's Sense of Privilege by Bob Herbert (New York Times, 04.12.04):click here

I know somebody who's looking forward to this:
Buzzing Mass of Cicadas Get Ready for East Coast By Sue Pleming (Reusters, 03.31.04): click here

Circumcision Seen as Method to Block HIV Infection (Reuters, 03.25.04): click here

Exercising to Music May Make You Smarter (Reuters, 03.24.04): click here

Distraction, my mind is craving distraction.

I found it recently in watching several episodes of "The L Word", the Showtime lesbian soap opera. We're glad we finally got to see some of it. I mean, this ranks right up there in the essential places one needs to see oneself mirrored back from the culture at large, no? And if anyone can write a soap opera it's lesbians - dyke drama, finally, it's paying off!

We're thankful for whatever fortune brought about the casting of Karina Lombard as Marina - that woman is a scorcher. Ume and I solemnly agreed that if she ever ended up in our bed eating crackers, instead of booting her for lack of cooth, we'd graciously offer her a napkin, maybe a plate. Before we passed out.

We don't agree on Tina, who Ume thinks is cute, but I find rather tiresome... probably because she bears a passing resemblance to my nemesis Flan <gag>. We both wish Shane were less in need of a bath. Jenny gives us the creeps. And we'd like to have the lot of them over and feed them, because only the character of Kit appears to know what food is. And now I know that I didn't make a mistake in not moving to LA - if the show's costuming is any reflection of reality, I'd spend all of my time either nauseous or with a headache.

After a limited sampling of the show, I'm left with a couple of questions... One being, where are the breasts at? This is one flat crew. Another being, where's the short hair at? Is that a lesbian no-no in LA? We see some of the background characters sporting clipped hair and being, oh, less than mainstream feminine, but the foreground seems curiously vacant of such obvious lesbian character. (No smartypants comments that Lisa should satisfy this criteria, please.) (And I'm not advocating that anyone get implants - ick, never would - just making an observation.)

It's an entertaining show, this - and it's friggin' about time. And thrill of all thrills (!!!), the acting isn't horrid and cringe inducing!!!

I'm wearin' a happy grin here. Hopefully, "The L Word" will be released on video and DVD like some of the other cable shows have been, so it can reach a wider audience - that'd be cool.

I like the use of the vignettes at the beginning of the show - - clever. One in particular resonated with me, the one where the two girls are in the stable and one says to the other who'd just kissed her, "Everyone has those feelings, but you're not supposed to act on them!"

That induced a big old flashback for me. I had an acquaintence once, friend of a friend type thing, let's call her Conflicted, who was one of these people whose bearing screams "Dyke!" at you, but you're not entirely sure if they know they're gay.

She showed up at a party with a woman once and I thought, "Ah. She knows." This woman she arrived with was obviously her date. But as the evening drew on, it became increasingly obvious and somewhat uncomfortably realized that Conflicted didn't know she was on a date, but the woman she was with sure assumed they were. Yukly.

It wasn't until later that I learned that Conflicted, who plays golf and walks with a pronounced swagger..., was the loving daughter of a big old Republican Daddy. And being Daddy's little pride and joy had decided that, and this is a quote, "Everyone has those feelings, but you have to be strong and not act on them." Which would be fine and dandy, to be sure, if she didn't go around, not-quite dating and confusing the hell out of the women around her who are weak and have succumbed to our sinful desires. And from what I heard, she fought a losing battle with a few women before she figured out that staying away from women she was attracted to and marrying a guy was the way to go for her.

"Everyone has those feelings," - my ass. If they did, I would have gotten laid way younger. Pfft!

You can see clips from the show here: click here

What an awful week in Iraq. Deadly power dynamics. Doesn't bode well for the next couple of months.

Support eroding for Bush on Iraq by Liz Marlantes (Christian Science Monitor, 04.09.04): click here

Hokey, but to the point:
Winning the War on Terror by Bill Moyers (04.06.04): click here

Losing Touch with Reality: Editorial (Guardian, 04.09.04): click here

When Uncle Walter says it's so - it's so:
Secrets and Lies Becoming Commonplace by Walter Cronkite (04.05.04): click here

Depressing Sign of the Times... by Patricia Reaney (Reuters, 04.06.04): click here

The world spins on apace. A pace that's not something I can keep up with - but who could? What a couple of weeks! "Interesting times" is an understatement for what we're mired in. Hope all of you and yours are hangin' in there.

Well, they did it. They passed the amendment to ban same-sex marriage and create civil unions in Massachusetts. Yeah, yeah, I knew it was likely, but I was hoping it wouldn't happen. To make it onto the ballot in 2006, the amendment has to be passed in next term's constitutional convention, and the vote was so close this time (we lost by 5 votes, five!)! So perchance to dream, it will die a miserable death in ill-repute somewhere between here and there.

For succinct reportage on this dubious historical moment visit the great folks over at MassEquality.org - best site for info here abouts: click here

P.S. To all of the legislators who voted to, like, uphold the current constitution, honor the SJC ruling and recognize our humanity - we salute you!

Not to mention the great thanks we shower upon the people who've worked so very hard on our behalf - I'd drive to your place of habitation and kiss you silly if I had a good map of the Boston area - which I don't, but I would, if I did. Until such a thing comes into my ownership, you'll just have to settle for my eternal gratitude. Dull, but heartfelt.

We've been killing brain cells watching "Wonder Falls" these past few weeks and you know what? It's got a main character who's a lesbian and seems almost <gasp!> real. Clever writing too.

Our only reservation so far is how they'll avoid romanticizing or glamorizing the hearing voices thing. Reconciling a fictional plot device with the psychosis which often causes that symptom in reality is tricky business.

Carrie Fisher said recently, somewhat tongue in cheek, "They've taken the romance out of [mental] illness." Meaning that the outrageous and extreme behavior that sometimes accompanies mental illness is no longer explained away as the byproduct of the gifted or creative mind - but seen as a result of one troubled and bedevilled by illness. All I can say is, "Hallelujah! It's about damn time."

Lookie here - click here - fabulous color.

My brain would sigh in relief if I was standing in that view. As it is, it's pretty happy just lookin' at it. I adore desert. I adore it as long as I'm travelling in it - I'd probably have another feeling about it if I was living in it.

I once camped in the desert out west. I camped there and was thinking of myself as a stranger in a strange land and drinking it up. I'd wanted to see desert since I'd seen photos in a high school text book of Mars and I thought, "I gotta see me some place that looks like that!" And the closest thing there was to that was desert. And so it took me a while, but I finally made it and the whole time I was saying things like, "Ooh-ee! This is nifty!" Which kind of annoyed the friend I was travelling with, but she's known me forever and kind of enjoys being annoyed, which is why she and I get along as well as we do.

We had a gas driving for miles and miles to great attractions like one that was in the middle of a, like, 100 mile stretch of sage brush and flatness. It was called, curiously enough, "Hole in Ground". We didn't much care what it would look like, we're not that kind of people, we went for the name. And we weren't the least bit disappointed either. It was true to it's name and we were all the more pleased because of it. It was a hole. It was in the ground.

We don't have that kind of poetry here in the east. Here in the east, such an attraction would probably be called, "Hole in Ground: Where It Is Speculated That George Washington Slept, or Peed, One Cold Afternoon Several Years After the Revolution (dangerous! do not climb or step too close to edge! view hole from afar at your own risk! no liability, etc., etc.)"

The only real disappointment we felt about Hole in Ground was that it was more of a crevice, really. That did spoil it a bit for us (literalists that we are). But we probably enjoyed exploring it more than we would have had it just been a hole. It was a sizeable and fascinating type crevice. And once we'd explored it a while, we forgave the liberties they'd taken with the name.

That was a fine trip. I quite enjoyed camping midst the sage brush and looking at the stars (I swear they've got more of 'em out there than we've got). I was less thrilled with the sandpit where my friend's truck got stuck. But that was okay, because even though we got stuck and there was this weird-assed lizard that stared at us part of the time, we were plenty prepared for adversity and unstuck said vehicle using our smarts and ingenuity.

I sometimes wonder if the rancher who sent us along the makeshift road passed his place wasn't feeling somewhat spiteful when he told us that the road was plenty sturdy and it wasn't all that sandy and we'd be just fine on it... But without him we'd never have known how wily and scrappy we could be when forced into a corner, or a ditch, by the elements.

When I suggested to my friend that she drive while I push her truck out of the hole the tire had sunk into (I couldn't drive at that point in my life, not even an automatic, and that truck was a standard anyway, and I didn't think a lesson just then would do either of us any good) - she'd looked at me in that way that indicated that she was thinking something like, "I know I've mentioned that she's on the small side maybe a few times... this probably wouldn't be the best time to bring it up again, but I'm kind of having a hard time not laughing... maybe if I cough it'll hide the smirk plastered on my face?"

Oh she of little faith... or is that, she of no faith in the little? Anyway, I'd heard so many of those stories about people in crisis who get adrenaline bursts and move trees, cars and houses, that I was sure I could push that truck out of that hole - no sweat. It was a crisis! I had a whole lot more desert to see! And hadn't another moment to spare!

You could imagine the look of shock on my friend's face when the truck backed out of the hole on the third try - I wish I'd had a camera. Hint: If you can create enough traction under a tire that's stuck (doing something brilliant like sticking firewood under a tire in the sand, say), you're likely to be able to get a car to move. Just be careful not to get yourself run over, that's always a good idea. Luckily, I grew up in a family with cars what needed lots of encouragement and I learned this little trick early.

So once I'd encouraged the car out of the hole (with some help from my friend, the firewood, and the engine, no doubt), things went along just fine. We saw heaps more desert and I got more and more in love with it. It's compelling, like the ocean. So open, so subtle and yet, not... Sigh.

Have you already seen all of the films listed in my Primer (click here) and wanna find more gay, lesbian or transgender flicks? PlanetOut.com has an extensive listing: click here

Speaking of extensive listings, here's one for books on living the life lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender: click here

And YES Virginia! There is now a lesbian manual (has been since 1978, but damned if I knew about it then) or several, listed in there - but here's an exhaustive one: The New Our Right to Love: A Lesbian Resource Book (Touchstone Books, 1996). My heroine, Barbara Gittings contributed to the original edition, don't know if she's in this one...

While we're doing our homework... check this brief history out: click here

To keep up on the ishews you can tune in to this gay news site: 365gay.com

Lookie here! I've not had time to explore this collection of stories, but the minute I do, I'm there! Sounds like a super project: OutRight Radio

We're so gay at the Celestial Buffet! I love it.

Speaking of news...

A shot is being fired across the bow of right wing radio (Janeane Garofalo has a show, as does Al Franken - you can listen...): Air America Radio

LGBT Federal Workers Lose Job Protections by Paul Johnson (365Gay.com, 04.04): click here

Oy! Barbarians at the gate:
Gay Marriage Amendment Faces Senate Hearing by Thomas Ferraro (Reuters, 03.23.04): click here

Church Jury Acquits Gay Methodist Pastor by Elizabeth Gillespie (Associated Press, 03.21.04): click here

Maybe, maybe not:
Schism Looms After Lesbian Methodist Acquittal by Greg Frost (Reuters, 03.24.04): click here

One can only hope:
Clarke: Bush's John Dean? by Daniel Schorr (Christian Science Monitor, 04.02.04): click here

In all of the Rice vs. Clarke debate over the last couple of weeks, it was Dick Cheney's appearence on Rush Limbaugh's radio show that best indicated the level of desperation they've reached.

Funny guy:
Rice should do the right thing by Dante Chinni (CSMonitor, 03.30.04): click here

It would be nice if he's right...:
The Great Condi-Clarke Match - Week Two: Karl Rove’s Bad Advice by Marc Cooper (L.A. Weekly, 04.02.04): click here

We're all terribly shocked, terribly...:
Powell Says Key Intelligence Piece on Iraq Flawed by Saul Hudson (Reuters, 04.02.04): click here

Par for the course...
The White House has the Last Laugh: Bush's Latest Abuse of Power Fails to Rouse the Washington Media by Sidney Blumenthal (Guardian/UK, 04.01.04): click here

He admits to not reading newspapers, he's taken more vacation than any sitting president, and we're supposed to be suprised that he lets other people do his job? Maybe we should be grateful:
Insiders Offer Unflattering Accounts of Bush's Decision-Making Style by Ron Hutcheson (Knight-Ridder, 03.26.04): click here

Are the ends justifying the means yet? Wake me when the election's over:.
Lifting the Shroud by Paul Krugman (New York Times, 03.23.04): click here

Was this in the roadmap? These people give a whole new meaning to the word "detour":
Assassination Fallout Bodes Ill for US by H.D.S. Greenway (Boston Globe, 03.26.04): click here

Just for kicks...
Smile, these are good times. Truly (The Economist, 03.11.04): click here

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