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Nov. 2003

I found it! I found it! They've got an herbal type cure for me! It's a tea, and it's called Rooibus Tea, and get this - it has anti-spasmodic properties! I'm cured! Cured, I say! Click here for more info - you too could be cured!

In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week. And for those of you who are in foreign parts and don't celebrate this annual stuffing of face, you have a wonderful time too!

There are bombs and rockets going off all over the place this week - so much for the Bush/Blair victory dance in England. Instead of triumphant grins etc., they were given an opportunity to show their resolve - gag me.

The thing that sucks, besides all of the people who are getting torn to shreds in the midst of this madness, is that the "coalition" has been placed in a position (by a bunch of fear mongering opportunists) of responsibility for the stability of a nation that it has invaded. What sucks worse is that our govenrment, the leader of that coalition, has failed miserably in its responsibility. These people know how to run oil companies, not govern, not lead by inspiration.

Look at the deal that the Iraqi people have on offer - it's amazing, really. The US is willing to fund the reconstruction of their country, to prop up a government that may not be perfect, but would most likely be more palatable than what they've had for ages. And the Bush administration, given months, couldn't sell this to them - couldn't even deliver the basics (water, electricity). Turns out, this running a country stuff, where you weren't invited in, is tricky business... Especially when the people of said country, believe (for some outlandish reason...) that you're mostly there to rip them off. Oh right, there's only unrest in the Sunni triangle, so we shouldn't worry and stuff like that, and it's just a spike in violence... r-i-i-i-ght...

And now the US is stuck and will have to slog it out, at great cost - otherwise, the very people the US went in to remove from power, will return. And as much as I didn't support and protested this domino-theory, bring-democracy-to-the-Middle-East-to-stabilize-the-oil-supply war, we're here now in another set of circumstances (thank you Msrs. Bush and Blair and the neocon fools who lead you) and anarchy in the Middle East isn't what I think the world really needs... or maybe it is and I'm just, I dunno, a stick in the mud. Leaving too early would create more suffering than if the US stayed - that's how I see it. And that's precisely why you don't want people like the ones in the Bush administratioon to have the power to control the agenda in the first place, because you end up trapped in it.

And I'm thinkin' now, that these people are going to get elected in 2004 (note, I do not use the word, "re-elected"). I'm thinkin' that this country is more and more conservative by the heartbeat (despite what happens in Massachusetts and other liberal outposts), and willing to hand over power to folks what have the temerity and meanness to grab it at any cost. Sucks to be liberal in these times and I'm guessing it's going to get suckier.

Rockets Slam Into Iraq Oil Ministry, Hotels (Reuters, 09.21.03): click here

Heady Days for Contractors in Race for Iraq Deals (Reuters, 09.21.03): click here

It's been one long week of Republicans ramming crap legislation through the government, which the citizenry has given them control over. You wanted medicare reform? You're gettin' it! Republican style. You wanted an energy bill? You're gettin' it again! Republican style. Now live with it. And as you're tryin' to pay for all of this privatized privilige, better not count on overtime pay...

White House Said to Prevail on Overtime Work Rules by Thomas Ferraro (reuters, 11.21.03): click here

Don't know that I agree with this article's premise... kinda unlikely, if you ask me... but there's some interesting info in it.
Partisan Paradox: Why Republicans, not Democrats, will pay a political price for the gay-marriage ruling by Matthew Yglesias (American Prospect, 11.19.03): click here

Also doubtful, but one can hope...
All Alone: Will Republicans' unilateral style of running Capitol Hill eventually catch up with them? by Mary Lynn F. Jones (American Prospect, 11.19.03): click here

We've seen "The Animation Show", a collection of short animated films (click here). One of the pieces that made suffering through the juvenalia that permeated the collection worth it, was "La Course à l'Abime". You can see a few stills from this gem here (here and here) and I so wish that the quicktime clips (of films by the same animator) on this other site worked on my computer, but alas - they did not, maybe they'll work on yours, click here.

Other cool looking animators I'll be keeping an eye out for: click here

Also found this... looks like these women have created an interesting piece: click here

Cool-o, the Center for Democracy and Technology is starting a campaign against "spyware": click here. And there's a link to a site that will check your browser for nasties (click here).

As you may, or may not, have heard...

In an historic decision, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that gay and lesbian couples can no longer be excluded from obtaining civil marriages in Massachusetts. The 4-3 ruling in Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, filed by New England's Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, is the first of its kind in this country by a final appellate court. (glad.org)

The ruling does not order the state to issue licenses and it gives the state breathing room before the ruling is enacted. We'll see what happens now.

Tally ho, do-gooders! It's time to écrasez some infâme! And whatnot!

Mass. Court Rules Gay Marriage Ban Illegal (Reuters, 11.18.03): click here

Conversation on this topic on the Connection: click here

I was standing there, in the pantry, minding my own business (I assure you), staring out the window in that vacant way you do when you're munching on soy crisps... I was contemplating the pigeon purched on the roof of the building opposite, in that way one might contemplate a pigeon while munching soy crisps (this entails visions of things like sling-shots, glue, nails, clamps, knives, death ray goggles... oh, pigeon acceptance, right... where was I?). Flying toward us from the northwest, a strange figure of a bird approached - my interest was piqued - no pigeon, this! It was a large bird with a funny manner of flying, very much like a falcon - a bird of prey!

"Wait! Stop!" I pleaded as it flew past in all it's majesty. "That thing perched on the corner of that house! It's food! Don't go! Wait!"

My plea fell on deaf ears - I've noted that desperation is often off-putting, even or especially to animals, but I couldn't help it, it just came out. And off this bird went, to wherever birds like that go. Sigh. I wish I knew what kind of bird it was, I could have added it to my life list. A life list is what birder's call the list they keep of all of the birds they've spotted. Well, I'm not really a birder, but I keep a casual life list (along with a few hundred other scraps of paper I've got lying about). Last week when I was out following Ume around with her binoculars...

"Ooh, hey! What was that? A small yellow jobber flew out of that bush?" I point - a birding no, no (a.k.a faux pas). "It's kinda funny Ume, here I am with you in this hotbed of birding enthusiasts, and all of these other folks who spot me carrying your binoculars probably think I'm a geeky birder too. Heh."

"The funny thing, Brulee, is that you think you're not," she says, reclaiming her binocs. "I'm getting you a pair of these things for Christmas, otherwise I'm never going to get to see anything."

Anyway, I've added a new specimen to my not-quite-as-geeky-life-list-as-some-folks-'ve-got. I'm very excited in that amateurish, gee-golly kind of way. I even got a quick photo of the flock, before it took off:

These are pink peeps. I've seen the more common yellow peeps before, but not the pink variety. I'm quite pleased.

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