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Written / Maleficent Beauty


Warning: This is a dark and twisted tale. You were expecting, what? Sweetness and sunshine? Happily ever after? Kissy face between a blonde and brunette? We’re talkin’ fairy tales here, not fantasy.

That said, it’s dark ‘cause there’s this woman who wears a big black cape and it’s twisted, ‘cause well, I’ve made pretzels and such out of three, maybe four tales - I stopped counting. I’m hoping it’ll be sexy. There’s a blonde and a brunette in it, chances are pretty good. Two women, I’m not tellin’ which, will probably be havin’ some prurient thoughts and such about and or with one another. If that’s a problem for you, you may want to surf some other site. If you don’t know what prurient and such could entail, you’re not old enough to be reading this, so shoo!

The Rheingold: Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s been done. But I’m thinking about the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty, not some dusty old norse version. You see, in the Disney version, there was this woman, Maleficent. Even as a youngster, I rooted for her. She embodied dark female power. Much like our gal, Xena. She also embodied the dangers (ooh, chill) of absolute female power gone awry, much like our gal, the Conqueror.

Thanks: To Ume, the beta meister. And Terry Pratchett, a god of all things terrifically silly - I’ve been inspired to excess. And I guess I ought to thank my eldest sisters for providing me with a model of a dynamic sibling rivalry that just won’t quit... no matter how much the rest of us wish it would.

And thanks to all of you maleficent beauties who’ve sent me such thoughtful notes. A magical lot, you are.

Ambiance: This is a seasonal piece,
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There’s no rest for the wicked, so let’s get it on... I mean, get on with it.


Maleficent Beauty

by Creme Brulee

Part I

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